Top 10 Most Wanted Criminals in the World


Top 10 Most Wanted Criminals in the World!

The most wanted criminals in the world are the most notorious and elusive criminals that have been accused of a long history of committing heinous crimes and yet evaded capture for years. Described as armed, dangerous and difficult to catch, each one of them on the list has been criminally charged either by national jurisdictions or by international tribunals.

11. Dawood Ibrahim

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  • The leader of the Indian organized crime syndicate D-Company that operates in India, Pakistan and UAE, Dawood Ibrahim is currently on the Interpol wanted list for organized crime.
  • The most wanted man in India has innumerable charges of killings, murder, and drug trafficking.
  • He is believed to be the man behind the 1993 serial bombings in Mumbai, which involved 12 bomb explosions and killed 257 people and injured 717 others.


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